Curious Stats About the Free Week of Mighty Strike Team for Android

We just had the first free sale for our game Mighty Strike Team on Android since we changed it to be a paid application. From October 27th to November 3rd the game was totally free, and it it had surprinsingly more attention that had initially planned for it. So I’m going to share some insights that we gathered during the sale over here.

Number of Installs: 4,833

Enemies defeated: 427,048

Shots Fired: 1,955,088

Player Deaths: 45,368

Total Playtime: 261.764 hours (Around 10 days worth of playtime!)

We’re amazed that there were almost 2 million shots fired against those troublesome bugs from outerspace!

We’re very happy that the game reached so many people in so little time and this has been definetly the most active week during the game’s life.

We also got some very interesting feedback and bug reports as an effect of being exposed to much more users and we’re going through the issues to get them sorted out as soon as we can.

Thanks to everyone who has been playing the game and if you want to know more about the game and you want to ask us feel free to jump into our Discord server and ask away! Or subcribe to our Newsletter to get news about Mighty Strike Team and our upcoming games!