Hi again! We’ve been kind of silent these last couple of months, but we’ll try to be more communicative about what we’re working on now. More on that later in this post.

We’re working in a new prototype

As some of you might already seen on Twitter we have a shiny new prototype. This time Rik is going to be working most of the art side of the project while I (Bryan) will focus on most of the programming stuff.

Here are some of the gifs we’ve been sharing!

We have a new Discord Server

We’re still not sure how this is going to turn out, but we want to try to not just build games, but also build a community around them. We want your feedback and we want to be as open as we can in all the development process of our games.

We’ll have a variety of channels, not only for our games, announcements, but also for any of you that want to share with the rest of the community, being that art or games you’re making, or even what games you’re playing. We will also have a spanish corner (as spanish is our native language) so if anyone feels more comfortable talking in spanish or wants to practice it a little bit is more than welcome.

There’s server rules, but in a really summed up way, just be nice. We want to have a place where people feel comfortable so we won’t tolerate any toxic behavior in it. But that’s about it, so welcome to our new server!

So that’s it! I hope the next post we’ll have some more juicy details about the new prototype and if you have any questions, join us in the new server and we’ll be more than glad to answer you!