What's to come in 2019

Hi everyone! Bryan here, first of all I want to say thank you on behalf of both Rik and I, we have received a lot of support this year and we’re very happy to know that there is people that like our work and appreciate the efforts we’re making with our games. What happened in 2018? 2018 has been a busy year! Sadly we didn’t released any new games this year, but we re-relased Mighty Strike Team on Android as a paid game and updated the game with some fixes and other pending stuff in iOS.

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Some news about prototypes and Discord

Hi again! We’ve been kind of silent these last couple of months, but we’ll try to be more communicative about what we’re working on now. More on that later in this post. We’re working in a new prototype As some of you might already seen on Twitter we have a shiny new prototype. This time Rik is going to be working most of the art side of the project while I (Bryan) will focus on most of the programming stuff.

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